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Raft the Jatunyaku!

(This is only offered as part of the

8-Day Amazon Tour.)

Going rafting out here is just too much fun! You can't imagine what a blast you'll have. And getting out on the beautiful rivers in Ecuador is a must do when visiting this country.  The Jatunyaku River is a class 3+ river that delivers big waves and big fun! 

(Rafting is part of the 8-Day Amazon Tour.)

The rivers here deliver breathtaking views of the rainforest. It's just awesome!


If action is what you want, the Upper Napo River, aka the Jatunyaku, meaning "Big Water" in Kichwa delivers big waves and lots of adventure, class 3+.The amount of rain we get the night before will also determine the level, i. e. how high and fast the rivers will run on our day. The Jatunyaku has a distinct advantage over other rivers in the area. Following every set of rapids, there is a calm area, where anyone having "gone swimming" can have time to recuperate and get back in the boat.

If we happen to see anyone panning for gold or fishing with nets, we will stop and ask them if they mind giving you a try at it. No one has ever said no so far!


Safety is first, so rest assured, you will be given a comprehensive safety briefing. You will be fitted with life jackets and helmets. We will have a licensed guide manning the raft and a safety kayaker following the raft, to ensure maximum safety.


Itinerary: Drive 30 minutes to put-in, safety orientation, 25km raft trip to take-out, 15-minute drive back to Tena. (Time in river: 3-4 hrs., depending on level of river plus a stop for lunch and short jungle walk.)


What's Included: Transportation by private taxi, the services of one or more safety kayakers, and all the equipment needed, including dry bags, if you need them, and a delicious picnic lunch.


What to Bring: You will want footwear that will not come off if you go in the drink, like strap-on sandals or watershoes. Wear something you can get wet in, our recommendation: swim shorts and ideally a thin synthetic top with long sleeves to keep you warm on a rainy day and keep you from getting sunburned on a sunny day. If you are worried about getting cold, a simple rain jacket over a synthetic shirt goes a long way. You can also find completely waterproof jackets that close at the neck, wrists and waist, that are made for this. You may bring your camera and store it in a dry bag until you want to use it. You will also need water, sunscreen and mosquito repellent. Check out our What to Bring! page for a more comprehensive list of suggestion for things you might want to bring when coming to this area and to Ecuador in general.


Estimated Local Cash Needed: Nada, please leave your valuables back at the resort.


Activity Level: Moderate


Kid Friendly: Yes. The Jatunyaku River trip is suitable for ages 12 or 13 years and up (flexible*).

Please advise us before the trip if someone in your party is unable to swim.

*We say the age is flexible because they could go as young as 10 if they are a really good swimmer. We may also be able to work out a trip going at the same time on the calmer Anzu River. Contact us with concerns!


Start time:  9am



6 1/2 to 7 1/2 hrs., returning to Tena between 3 & 4 pm.

If it has rained the night before, the level of the river will be higher and the trip faster.



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