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Overnight Tour to Baños

Adventure, earth, fire and water. You get it all on this fun overnight trip to Baños!

Click on photo above to see full photos!!!

(This is only offered as part of the 8-Day Amazon Tour.)

We’ll also stroll through town where, among other things, you can observe store owners pulling taffy “melcocha” from hooks on storefront doors and a visit to a church with an odd museum upstairs (think shrunken heads).


On The next morning, if anyone is interested in the hot springs, a good, clean-water dip is possible when they first open at 5am.  They are just a few minutes’ walk from the hotel. Highlights this day include a cruise up to the cool treehouse swing at “La Casa del Árbol” (with views of active Tungurahua Volcano on a clear day) and stops along a series of waterfalls that are lined up just outside of town. You’ll have opportunities to go zip lining and/or take a tram across the canyon out over waterfalls. On one, you can tram over and zip line back.

We’ll then head back to Tena (just over 2 hours).



Itinerary: Drive to Baños (just over 2 hr.) with a possible stop at The Nate Saint House, visit the Pailón del Diablo, see taffy made, visit a museum, optional hot springs dip this night or early am on Friday, treehouse swing, visit waterfalls with optional tram or ziplining on the drive back to Tena.


What's Included: Transportation to, from, and around Baños; one night’s lodging, breakfast, entrance fees and expected donations (except to optional hot springs and tram or zip-lining, see below). Also, Gary will be with you the whole time. 


What’s Extra: Lunch both days and dinner will be eaten out at restaurants and are not included in order to let you order whatever you want off the menu. Figure between $4 and $6 for each lunch, and $6 to $8 for the dinner. The main Baños hot springs is just a few minutes’ walk from the hotel. You can walk over at night or early the next morning. Note that your guide will not go, he’ll just point the way. This is optional and so is not included in the tour. It is only $1 during the day or $2 at night. The tram and zip-lining are also optional, and not included, as we know that everyone will not want to do them! They each usually run $10.


What to Bring: Comfy shoes, a pair of strap-on sandals would be ideal for the walk down to the Pailón del Diablo, as tennis shoes will get wet and then will never get dry again. You’ll want a set of warm clothes as Baños can get a bit colder than Tena (pants and a fleece jacket should do it), a rain jacket, a swimsuit and towel if you want to go to the hot springs, and it would be a shame if you forgot your camera! 


Kid Friendly: Yes


Activity Level: Moderate


We’re off to Baños for the night!  If we can get an appointment with the Nate Saint House in Shell, we’ll stop by there on the way.

Highlights in Baños the first day include a tour of a impressive waterfall, a huge, thundering natural attraction called the “Pailón del Diablo”, (the Devil’s Cauldron.) We can walk all the way down to a spot practically in the waterfall or take an easier route across a bridge for a still impressive, but less close, view.

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