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IMPORTANT!  Please note that the hotel is currently only being rented on a monthly basis. Tours need to be arranged by phone or email, paid via PayPal or Venmo, and we will pick you up at your hotel.

Please note that Google Maps almost got to us, when they mapped out Tena. If you zoom in close, just above the marker, you'll see "La CasaBlanca Hotel and Tour Provider". That's where we really are.

(The other places on the map near us are in the completely wrong spots.)

The easiest way to find our place the first time is to hail a taxi and tell them “ El Hotel La CasaBlanca en Aeropuerto Dos”. It is $1.50 from the bus station during the day, $1.75 at night. 

El Hotel La CasaBlanca

Ishpingo y Churiyuyo

Aeropuerto Dos

Tena, Napo, Ecuador

Landline: 06 231 0456

WhatsApp: +1 480 327 9812

Tena is about 4 hours over the Andes Mountains east and south of Quito. We highly suggest you travel during the day as the views going over the mountains, then dropping into the Amazon basin are soooooo beautiful. You don’t want to miss them by passing through in the dark.


Write us for suggestions on a great homestay in Tumbaco, a hotel near the airport for when flying into Quito, or a hotel in Quito. Also, we can help with transportation options, there's a shared Quito/Tena shuttle for $25 per person, in addition to travel by bus, or private taxi ($125 from Quito, $100 from the Quito airport, or $80 from Banos). Contact us, we'll be happy to make the arrangements for you or give advice .


If coming from Quito direction, you'll go straight through the roundabout just coming into Tena, with a big statue of a Jumandy Indian. Then you'll go 1 long block and turn right onto Tamiahurco at the big Coliseo. Now go straight for 7 blocks and take a right on Los Yutzos (you’ll see a sign for La CasaBlanca on that corner). Now go 1 very short block and turn right, then another very short block and turn left, following the little arrow signs with the hotel name on it. You can't miss us on the right.  (Helpful tip:  the CityMaps2Go App on IPhone has our area mapped out better than Google. Also good maps of Ecuador can be hard to find, find a good one here on Amazon.)

If coming from Banos direction, take a right at the first roundabout coming into town in order to avoid going through town. You'll be on the "perimetral" going around Tena, the sign says to Quito and Baeza. When you hit the stoplight, veer left. When you arrive at the roundabout with the big statue of the Jumandy Indian, take a left and follow the directions above.

Call us if you have a problem finding us or just have a taxi guide you. It is only $1.25 if coming from the statue of the Jumandy (this side of the river that goes through town) or $1.50 if coming from the other side of the river (where the bus station is located). It is 25 cents more after dark. 

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