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Play With Monkeys. Eat Pure Chocolate. Cruise Down an Amazon River in a motor canoe. 




Just fill out the form below this box or call us to book the tour.


 How much time to you have for the jungle portion of your trip? 

(These are great choices for what time you have. Click on the links to learn more about each one.)


I only have 1 day!.........Day Jungle Tour (a 10 hr. tour on the Napo River)

(Our next Day Jungle Tour goes out Sunday, March 3, We have 2 participants signed up so far. Join them!)


    I have 2 days!....Overnight Jungle Tour (guest favorite tour! )


I have a whole week! (And I'd really love it if you made all the arrangements, from airport pickup to drop-off, and everything in between, i.e. hotels, food, all activities, everything!)...........8-Day Amazon Tour 


We are always happy to customize a tour for you.


We cater to the really adventurous sorts, to families, and to those that just want to take it easy.

If you note your questions and preferences on the contact form below, we'll be happy to help you work it out!

Gary, a native of Ecuador, speaks perfect english and is an AMAZING tour guide. He went above and beyond on his tours. His knowledge of the Amazon and it's animal life and his stories and knowledge of it's people and history kept us thoroughly entertained! I can't wait to go back!   

 -Adam Moore, Facebook Review

Gary and his wife are lovely and the Overnight Jungle Tour was packed with activity and good food. Monkeys, birds, insects, caymans, flowers, butterflies and more.
Someone recommended a different place and we are extremely glad we chose this small personalized experience instead! Gary was very accommodating, a passionate Ecuadorian, who is very knowledgeable about the environment, speaks good English and has a great sense of humor. This was very good value considering the number of things we packed into a couple of days.

-BrianJSpain, TripAdvisor Review 

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