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Waterfall Hike

(This is only offered as part of the 8-Day Amazon Tour.)

Hike up through the rainforest to a beautiful waterfall, learn about the unique flora and fauna found in this region along the way.

(This is only offered as part of the 8-Day Amazon Tour.)

This half day tour takes us hiking up through the rainforest to a beautiful waterfall. Check out the following quote from my friend Kristin's Christmas letter after their trip to visit us here in Ecuador.


"Rolfe's favorite part of that trip was the hike up a muddy river gorge that we did on his birthday. After a couple hours of hiking, we ended up at a pool and big waterfall. Britt and Rolfe swam around behind the waterfall and looked out through the cascade at a very prehistoric scene; wild water, deep gorge, rain (of course!), thick vegetation, no sign of other people. Rolfe kept expecting Tyrannosaurus Rex to come crashing out of the forest." That pretty much says it all.


During the hike, I will tell you all about the many unique rainforest flora and fauna that we will encounter. Afterward, we get to swim, relax, and have a picnic lunch at the lagoon at the bottom.


Note: if it is raining, it will be muddy, a little more difficult, and take a bit longer than usual.


Itinerary: Drive to the trailhead, hike to waterfall, swim in the lagoon at the bottom with picnic lunch, return to Tena.


What's Included: Transportation to trail head by private taxi, entrance fees to trail and a picnic lunch or dinner. Also, a guide that will be with you the whole time. It will be a local Ecuadorian guide, that speaks English at an advanced level and has a talent for making the tours they give both a lesson on the jungle and fun at the same time.


What's Extra: You will need to bring suitable shoes for hiking in possibly wet muddy conditions. Hiking boots or strap on sandals with good traction would be appropriate. You can borrow rubber boots from us as well. You will also want lightweight long pants, a rain jacket, a swimsuit underneath, plenty of water, sunscreen and mosquito repellent. And don't forget your camera! Check out our What to Bring! page for a more comprehensive list of suggestion for things you might want to bring when coming to this area and to Ecuador in general.


Duration: 4 hrs.          

Activity Level:  High

Kid Friendly: Yes. How old your child should be depends on how dry or muddy the trail happens to be that day. The day we took our five year old, it was raining and soooo muddy, we ended up carrying her most of the way! I would say, just to be safe, this hike is appropriate for children years 8 and up.



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