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Lagoon Float

Pedro will pole you through his lagoon in the jungle, during the day or at dusk. Depending on our luck, we may see dwarf caiman, a variety of birds, spider or howler monkeys, and really big fish! A shaman spiritual cleansing is optional.

Experience the Jungle on a Secluded Lagoon Float.

Pedro will pole you through his lagoon, around a large island, where there are a variety of animals to be found. We usually arrive at dusk, for optimal bird watching, but you can go during the day as well. If you go with a dusk start time, you'll get the experience of floating through the jungle at night, kind of cool. Depending on our luck, you'll see the glowing eyes of the dwarf caiman along the banks of the lagoon, a variety of birds, possibly spot one or more of the howler or spider monkeys that live there and more. A shaman spiritual cleansing can be added on.

What's Included: Transportation via car or private taxi if coming from Tena, the entrance fee to the lagoon and your guide. If you will be visiting the beach monkeys first, we may walk over from there. (It's just an easy 10 minute walk.)

What's Extra: If interested, a brief shaman spiritual cleansing is available to add on to the dusk float. 


What to Bring: Wear long lightweight pants, a flashlight if you have one, mosquito repellent, a rain jacket, and your camera! Health insurance, starting Feb. 6th, 2018, it will be mandatory for tourists. Read more here. Check out our What to Bring! page for a more comprehensive list of suggestion for things you might want to bring when coming to this area and to Ecuador in general.


Start time: This is generally a side trip when visiting with the beach monkeys during other tours. However, you can do this during the day, at dusk, and as a standalone tour.

Duration:  2 or so hours as a side trip, or a little over 3 hrs as a standalone trip

Activity Level: Light

Kid Friendly: Yes

Cost:  (Note that with each of these tours, the more that go, the less the per person cost!)

As a sidetrip: 3 at $13 per person, then $10 per each additional person (Cost for 2 would be $18 per person.)

As a standalone tour: 3 at $23 per person, then $10 per each additional person (Cost for 2 is $30 per person.)

Add on shaman spiritual cleansing to dusk float: $3 per person to enter the area and $10 per person that shaman works with.

Another Option! Our guests often choose to visit with the beach monkeys, have dinner in a restaurant there and then do the lagoon float at dusk. We leave Tena at 3 pm when doing it that way. Cost doing it this way: $32 per person when 3 go, then $10 for each additional person. (Cost for 2 would be $42 per person.)

Are you ready to book your tour(s)? Yes? Yeah! We can't wait to meet you!

Just fill out the Tour Booking Form on our contact page and we will get right back to you.

Trip Reservations to Ecuador
Trip Reservations to Ecuador
Trip Reservations to Ecuador
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