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8-Day Amazon Tour


Play With Monkeys. Eat Pure Chocolate. Float Down an Amazon River. Zipline Over a Deep Canyon.

Our 8-Day Tour Takes Your Adventure to New Heights!

Feel the Exhilaration


The exotic sounds of the rainforest

The wildlife to the vegetation, we will fulfill your thirst for adventure.

Wake Your Senses


Your senses will be awakened with life.

Your culinary tastes will be tantalized as you experience tasty treats along our tour.

Live the Adventure


Zipline over a deep canyon. Motor through the rain forest on a beautiful Amazon river. Hike to majestic, picturesque waterfalls.

Here's Your Amazon Adventure Itinerary!


Day 1: Travel Day. We'll have you picked up from the airport in Quito and stay the first night at a nearby hotel.


Day 2: Enter the Amazon! You will enjoy a beautiful and scenic 3.5-hour car ride to Tena, then have lunch at the amazing resort you'll be staying at for 4 of the nights on your tour. Once we've checked in and had a bite, you'll head right out for your first close up taste of the Amazon. You'll get your blood moving again with a hike up through the jungle to a beautiful waterfall. (More details on this hike here.) We'll have a chef-prepared dinner at the resort this night.


Day 3-4: Overnight Jungle Tour. This is 2 days of glorious fun in the jungle. You'll spend a night at a jungle lodge tonight. You'll go on a day hike, a night walk, a dawn bird watching tour, a chocolate making demo, a visit to an amazing butterfly farm, an animal rescue center, and to a beach with playful Capuchin monkeys. The lodge is a bit rustic, but it has comfy beds, hot water, great food and fabulous views. You'll return to Tena, to the same luxury resort, around 5 pm on the 2nd day. We'll have another great dinner there this night. (More details on these 2 days here.)


Day 5: Raft Trip on the Rockin’ Jatunyaku River (class 3+), One spectacular day plunging through rapids with the rainforest as your backdrop. Lunch is on a river beach and dinner will be back at the resort. (More details on rafting here.) If you want to explore Tena, this would be the night to do it! 


Day 5-6: Overnight Tour to Baños: On this adventure to Baños, you’ll visit a series of waterfall including the famous thundering waterfall, Pailón del Diablo, see taffy made, visit a funky museum with shrunken heads, swing out over a mountain in a tree house swing, plus optionally take a dip in their hot springs and/or zip-line across a deep canyon. We’ll also include a visit to the Nate Saint House on the way if we can get an appointment. 2 lunches and a dinner will be had out at restaurants in Baños on this trip, dinner will be back at the resort upon arrival back to Tena. (More details on these two days here.)


Day 8: Caving, then Journey Home:  We'll spend the morning exploring the caves. (More details on caving here.) On the ride back to the airport or Quito, we'll be passing by the stunning Papallacta Hot Springs. 



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We keep this tour to a max of 12 participants.
That means more attention for you but also only means that only 12 spots available.
So book your spot now, while there´s still room!

TripAdvisor Reveiw by BrianJSpain          Reviewed August 8, 2017

Amazing Time

Gary and his wife are lovely and our tour was packed with activity and good food. Monkeys, birds, insects, caymans, flowers, butterflies and more.
Someone recommended the Casa del Suizo and we are extremely glad we chose this small personalized experience instead! Gary was very accommodating, a passionate Ecuadorian, who is very knowledgeable about the environment, speaks good English and has a great sense of humor.
This was very good value considering the number of things we packed into a short time.

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