Gary's Tours at La CasaBlanca
Tena, Napo, Ecuador

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Escape winter with an 8-Day Amazon Jungle Adventure,

completely organized for you with the best

itinerary, accommodations, food, and guide.

It’ll be the experience of your life in beautiful Ecuador.



All it takes to do this trip is your adventurous spirit and our great planning.

Unfortunately, the best places to go and guides to take you there, won’t be found online.

This tour is carefully structured to maximize your time and fill your need for a unique experience.


  • The itinerary is packed with activities like hiking, rafting, and zip-lining, and you will still have time to relax - think comfy hammocks in the most beautiful surroundings you can imagine.

  • The tour includes a fun-loving experienced, local, English speaking guide: you’ll have fun and get a lesson on the jungle at the same time.

  • Accommodations range from cabins to a luxury resort, with all the comforts of home: you will not lack for anything.

  • And the foodies in the group will be in heaven!

  • FYI we keep it small group, so you will have personalized attention.




Post Tour comment by Natasha - November 15, 2018: 

"We absolutely LOVED the Amazon and Tarquino was a phenomenal guide."


TripAdvisor Reveiw by BrianJSpain          Reviewed August 8, 2017

"Amazing Time  -  Gary and his wife are lovely and our tour was packed with activity and good food. Monkeys, birds, insects, caymans, flowers, butterflies and more. Someone recommended the Casa del Suizo and we are extremely glad we chose this small personalized experience instead! Gary was very accommodating, a passionate Ecuadorian, who is very knowledgeable about the environment, speaks good English and has a great sense of humor. This  was very good value considering the number of things we packed into a short time."


 There are a lot more TripAdvisor reviews you can look up, feel free to check us out!



Having us work out the details for you is key.

Most other travelers to Ecuador:

  • find and do half the things you will be doing

  • miss out on the story behind what they are seeing (especially true in the Amazon)

  • often end up with poor accommodations & food

  • end up with not so great guides

  • have the stress of planning and finding their way around Ecuador on their own

In the end, the value you get far exceeds the price of this tour. It’s a good deal!



So save 10% on this 8-Day Amazon Tour.

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Meet the three main (of so many) players on the team. 

Michelle: Owner /

Organizes Business Side

Gari: Owner / Guide

Organizes Tour Side

Tarquino: Guide​