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This is the festival brochure from Tena's Annual Celebrations in 2017.
It's so fun, plan to be here for 2018! Here you can see what goes on, starting on the day after The Day of the Dead (Nov. 2nd of every year) and going until Nov. 15th (Tena's official founding day).
There are cultural events like concerts (both of the orchestral and the rock and roll sorts) and a ballet, election of a queen, a county fair, sports events, traditional dancing, and our favorite event, the parade! The parade is an almost for sure thing (at 3pm, on Tena's main street, 15 de Noviembre) on the Friday  about a week after the celebrations start. (Depending on the day of the week when the Day of the Dead lands.) 
Looking ahead, that should be Friday, Nov. 9th of 2018.
Many of the events are free or low cost. Plan ahead to be here! Viva Tena!
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